Want Your Medical Website To Stand Out? Here Are 5 Features You Need

While most medical professionals tend to focus on the practice, giving some time towards your online profile can help you a lot regarding patient volume and ranking.

You may be wondering, why does a website mean so much for a healthcare practice?

Well, aside from serving as a portal of medical information, your website can greatly influence a new patient. Think of it as the typical brochure you often read while waiting at the hospital, only you can do so much more with it.

Nevertheless, creating a stunning website is no easy feat. But with the right expert web design for doctors by Online Marketing for Doctors, you can promote your practice and get results right away.

Aside from that, here are five other features you need for your medical website to stand out.

  1. Contact Information

One of the major reasons why a client might have found you is through a location search online. That is why it is crucial to have all of your physical and online contact information placed strategically on your website.

Yes, strategically, and here’s why.

A lot of websites make the mistake of putting the contact information at the very bottom of the page or in a separate page altogether. It should be a no-brainer that your contact information is easily accessible and laid out properly on your home page. And be sure that it is always accurate.

  1. Services

Don’t incorporate the services you offer in a blog post or at your bio page. Having a website allows you to customize, and somehow brag, about what you can do. One of the best tricks is to have an outline of your services. Keep the design clean and concise, so your client will have a better navigation experience.

You can also opt to have clickable descriptions of each of the services you offer. That way, they will have a clear idea on what is supposed to happen. It will also avoid unnecessary calls through your customer service line.

  1. Appointment Scheduling

While you can stick with leaving your schedule information somewhere on your website, there’s a higher chance of getting more clients when you have an online appointment scheduling. Scheduling an appointment online is one of the most trending and effective ways to bring in new clients. Aside from the convenience, an online appointment scheduling also improves the organization of your workflow. However, you need to ensure that this feature is easy to navigate and fast-responsive.

  1. Articles

If your website comprises several medical practices or specialties, a great way to keep your clients entertained and informed is to have a section filled with related articles. Update this page with relevant content that may answer your patient’s questions. You can also enlist a professional ecommerce seo agency like Result Driven SEO to help you optimize your content.

  1. Social Media

It’s no secret that everybody uses at least one form of social media nowadays. And with such a large audience, it would be such a waste not to utilize it. Consider integrating your website with links and posts from your corresponding social media accounts. Or, you can use social media ads for a targeted method of advertising.

Final Word

With the right features and professional design, your medical website can bring in more clients than you would expect. Consider following these tips to ensure the success of your website.

Post Author: Harry Woatson

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