Taste Delicious Pastries While You Are in Prague

Visit to Prague is not just about enjoying beer but this city is also known for really delicious pastries that can be worth hunting down. You can find few delicious treats and very high-quality pastries that is quite unknown back in the United States.

Following are few top picks, which you can get to taste even with Prague food tour packages.

  • Trdelník

This hollow and spiral-shaped cake is grilled over an open flame and after that dusted with almonds and vanilla sugar. It can be found in abundance everywhere in Prague, especially in areas where tourists hangout. It can be best eaten in warm condition. Hence before you buy, ensure the vendor has displayed Trdelnik in heated environment rather than giving out the ones which have been lying around for a while.

  • Venecek

If you are a donut-lover, then this Venecek will be just right pastry for your alley. You must be aware that this Czech pasty is usually lot less sweet than any of their American counter-part. However the icing has a little sugary bite. It must be eaten cold along with strong, hot coffee.

  • Vetrník

This classic pastry is usually found in 2 sizes: small, and large enough that you can share with at least 3 to 4 people.

  • Špaldový košícek

This small spelt flour cake is topped with sunflower and pumpkin seeds along with scant glaze of sugar. You must make sure that the pastry is extremely fresh. If it is stale or dry then taste can be little bit of a disappointment.

  • Horické trubicky

Those who were kids during 70s must have tasted cream-filled wafer sandwich cookies packed into their lunch boxes. Horicke trubicky will be something of familiar taste and texture. It is crispy, thin wheat wafer, which is rolled around a chocolate or vanilla cream filling. Finally, its ends are dipped in a chocolate.

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