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In this article, we will look at the economic model of CS: GO and share personal experiences and thoughts on the topic touched. Many will be interested to learn how in CS: GO you can earn real money with Skinsmarket.

I agree that it is certainly not worthwhile to set any specific goals, such as teaching everyone and everything to properly manage the same boxes and cases and earn something. This article will be purely recommendatory in nature with the author’s point of view on some issues.

Considering that many theses that our dear reader will meet in the text will look like an advertisement of the next financial pyramid, I hasten to dispel doubts right away – you will not need any huge cash infusions and SMS. All you need to have on hand is a Steam account with the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game installed and free time.

In the development of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Valve went already along the laid rails, including the ability to change the appearance of the weapon. On the basis of already successfully working schemes in TF2 and Dota 2, a system of in-game items was introduced into CS: GO: skins for weapons (the more common name is a modified appearance of weapons), boxes and keys that open them. In addition to the already usual separation of objects according to the level of rarity, the concept of the quality of skins was also introduced, affecting their appearance in the game.

Skins CS GO and Skinsmarket service

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