5 Questions Your Houston Car Crash Attorney Will Ask  

Getting into an accident can be devastating. Not only do you have to worry about getting your vehicle repaired, but also take care of any injuries you may have sustained. While one of the first steps you should make in the first days following your crash is contacting a Houston car crash attorney, it is crucial to be prepared to ensure the process goes more smoothly. Before meeting with your attorney be prepared to fully answer the following questions that they are likely to ask.

When and where did your accident occur?

While this seems like an easy question, it is important to be specific. You may be a little frazzled after an accident, so it as best to write down all the details including the exact time, date, and location that the accident occurred.

How did the accident happen?

This is where the details are extremely crucial. What you may think is a little detail could have a significant influence on the outcome of the case. So always make sure to be as honest and as detailed as you can, even if you think something is unimportant. If it is easier, draw a picture so they can get a better idea of what transpired.

Did you file a police report?

With most accidents a vehicle accident report will be filed, even for a hit and run or collision with an animal. Your lawyer will want to know the city it was filed with, if you were given a case number, or the police officer’s name, and if any citations were issued as a result of the accident. While every jurisdiction handles accident reports a little differently, if you can obtain one before meeting with your lawyer it will give them a clearer picture of what witnesses and officers stated in regards to the scene as well as what transpired with the other driver.

Did the other driver admit to the accident being their fault?

Your attorney will want to know if anyone claimed fault for the accident whether directly to you or to the police officer when they arrived on the scene. While many drivers are hesitant to admit fault, if they do say something, it is a vital piece of information your attorney should know.

When and how did you receive medical care?

The details of your medical care is probably one of the most critical questions your attorney will ask. They will want to know whether an ambulance was called or whether you or someone drove you to the hospitable. They will also need a complete list of your injuries, all of the testing that was performed, and any medical reports you have obtained. You will also want to discuss with your attorney what the prognosis you were given and if the injuries will result in a permanent condition.

Be prepared for your meeting with your Houston car crash attorney by being prepared to answer the questions above. Being prepared will not only help your meeting go more smoothly but also give you the best start to your case.

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