10 Things We Learned from Basecamp Founders

Books these days play a key role in enlightening us and we always focus more on hunting them that covers topics on working better. The book” It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work” written by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson is the fast selling one in the markets today and you can know more about the ideas involved in improving your company. They are the founders of Basecamp and you should know how we applied the techniques in Hubstaff software applications.

  1. Great works always involve uninterrupted time

A recent research says most employees waste their time on things which are not related to project work. Hubstaff believes that having less meaningless work is one of the best ways to get the job done at the right time and we want to implement the same in our work environment.

  1. Time is more valuable than anything

Time is the most important thing needed for planning your works accordingly. If you are running a business then, you should monitor your employee time and attention. Hubstaff encourages everyone to stop working on unwanted things.

  1. Embrace JOMO

2019 is all about JOMO- the joy of missing out which can open new doors to create a better work culture in your company. Make your team work first and respond to chat messages later ina workplace.

  1. Change your work pattern

You have to change your work pattern so that your employees won’t get bored of routine work in your business.

  1. Think about how you structure a project

The book enables you to get ideas on how to setup and plan your project with innovative ideas to witness desired outputs.

  1. Avoid unnecessary check-ins

It is really a difficult one to know the brainpower of your employees. However, there are some ways available to evaluate their performance levels. Compare previous month performance of an employee that scratches the surface of efficient work to a large extent.

  1. Go with remote monitoring

Monitoring your employees remotely will ultimately help to enhance the productivity of your employees with high success rates.

  1. Keep people out of meetings

As a company owner, make meeting schedules a difficult one for employees in your organization.

  1. Allow your employees to focus on time

Keeping“busy” of your employees doesn’t mean that they are not productive. You should judge their work by certain ethics.

  1. Do nothing

Doing nothing can sometimes result in several advantages for your business and you can get tips from the book.


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